Office Ceiling Installation Service

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In order to avail effective ceiling Installation services, it is quite important that one consults a capable and efficient agency for the same. Delight International Facilities Management ( DIFM) has immense experience in-ceiling installation services across Abu Dhabi and UAE. It guarantees high-quality workmanship as well as efficient services within a fixed budget.

The staff at DIFM is quite capable of incorporating new designs as per the needs of clients and provides a better customer experience. We provide effective services in installation of office ceilings in commercial spaces, residential buildings and commercial apartments. This has made DIFM one of the preferred agencies for installation of office ceilings. If you are the one looking to install an Office ceiling, contact us immediately and get your service done within a moderate budget.


In today’s modern world, Office Ceiling plays an important role in the construction of a workplace and adds to the aesthetic beauty of a workplace. It plays an important role in maximising lighting, acoustics and also helps in considerably reducing energy costs. The Office ceilings helps a great deal in making your room look wider and spacious giving it an expansive outlook.


Some of the different types of ceilings that are used are as follows

  • Feature Slat Panel Ceilings
  • Inset Ceilings
  • Acoustic Panel Ceilings
  • Exposed Ceilings
  • Linear Panels
  • Suspended Ceilings

It is one of the most common types of ceilings that are used in offices and provides excellent sound absorption and insulation properties. It also has better fire-resistant and energy-efficient properties, which helps a great deal in providing better characteristics.