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A/c Duct cleaning Services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

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AC Duct cleaning is a major part of Air Conditioning repair service and as an HVAC contractor. Dirty AC ducts are a common issue with Air Conditioning units at residential and commercial buildings. Regular maintenance and cleaning of air ducts are required as they are linked to most of the health and allergy-based issues. When air ducts get dirty and moldy due to the accumulation of dirt, it promotes the growth of bacteria and allergens. These bacteria and allergens cause various health issues of which most common is respiratory illness such as asthma, frequent colds, and coughs. In some cases, it even causes many serious respiratory issues. Delight International Facilities Management specializes in AC duct cleaning works in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. This is an add-on service requested by most of our customers as we perform AC installation, maintenance, and other air conditioner cleaning services.

Many companies offer ac cleaning services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. But the reason for the customers to choose DIFM for all their air conditioner duct cleaning and other AC cleaning services is due to the unprecedented quality of services we offer. And we retain our prime position among other duct cleaning companies in Dubai and the other emirates of UAE.

During the cleaning process, we make sure that further contamination is not caused due to the dispersal of dirt particles around the area affected. We use special tools and techniques to achieve it. Commonly AC duct cleaning is performed every 2 years. Depending on the age and condition of the ducts sometimes it is performed more frequently. Our AC duct cleaning experts analyze your ducts at home or office and will suggest an appropriate plan of action. Once AC duct cleaning is completed, your AC duct will be both clean and safe.