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When we consult DIFM, we are guaranteed to get the best and efficient services in Dry Cleaning. Delight International Facilities (DIFM) has an experienced team that is capable of producing effective services in curtain dry cleaning and enables in ensuring an enchanting feel to your garments. Curtain dry cleaning services are available all across the UAE.

The staff at DIFM is hardworking and dedicated to providing efficient services within a stipulated time and enables clients to avail the best Dry cleaning services. The services provided by DIFM are in tandem with the needs as well as requirements of clients and strives in fulfilling the needs and expectations of the needs of our clients at the earliest.

DIFM provides the best Curtain Dry Cleaning Services in commercial establishments, houses, and apartments and ensures that the needs of the clients are met and fulfilled at the earliest.

What do you understand by the term ‘dry cleaning’?


Dry cleaning is a process in which we use a liquid solvent to clean clothes instead of regular ingredients such as water and detergent. As the solvent contains a very minute presence of water or sometimes no water, we, therefore, know this process as Dry Cleaning.

The process of dry cleaning ensures complete disinfection of the curtain and removes any sort of unpleasant smell or odor.

What makes dry cleaning of curtains a better option?

The process of Dry Cleaning ensures that the curtain is free from any sort of shrinkage or dry fading. This is possible due to the usage of dry solvents instead of water.
Dry cleaning is much superior to other forms of cleaning as it helps in the easy removal of greasy and oily residues and thereby helps to make the curtain stain-free.