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GARDENING & Landscaping SERVICES in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

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Delight International Facilities Management (DIFM) is one of the biggest pioneers in ensuring newer trends in landscape and garden design. It has an experienced and qualified staff that has been at the forefront in providing effective services as per the needs and demands of the clients.

The staff helps you to give a complete idea regarding the landscape and its design suiting your home and helps to incorporate exquisite ideas with eye-catching detail. We provide innovative Gardening & Landscaping services in commercial spaces, residential buildings and apartments. The designs are incorporated as per the needs and demands of clients and ensure latest trending designs, which provide an elegant outlook to your garden.

Over the years, it has built a strong reputation for incorporating efficient ideas and also ensuring adequate attention to quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction. This has helped in building a strong network with the clients and help in understanding their needs and requirements to the maximum.


While planning to build a home, most of the house owners tend to focus largely on the interior design of the house, thereby largely neglecting the exterior landscape.

An Exterior landscape is an outer space that acts as a place for people to spend your evenings and have a small gathering.

A proper design of the outer landscape is quite important to ensure a rejuvenating and relaxing outdoor experience which plays a crucial in enhancing the overall beauty of the place. By incorporating a well-designed landscape to your home, there is a positive vibe to your home which enhances the external beauty and elegance of the house.


In today’s modern era, gardens have gained a lot of popularity because of its numerous benefits. A proper garden provides proper outer space for people to relax a bit in evenings. It also helps the person residing in the house to go for a small evening walk or to relax with their friends during leisure time.