Facility Management and its Positive Impacts

In simpler terms, the process of upkeep, maintenance, and management of a facility is called facility management. In reality, the term facility management has a larger and broader implication and impact. Any facility from residential to commercial to industrial has to have its facilities managed for a verity of reasons. The best reason of them all would be the money factor. A facility has a collection of different things under its roof with different properties, aspects, and life cycles. This complex mix of elements has to be seen as one by the facility manager and understand the need of different elements at different point of time, to provide the best-suited solution for the facility as one. The lack of foresight can have dramatic effects on the facility or property in the long run. The absence of immediate or near-future impact for the missteps or mistakes in the facility management process is what reduces the importance of a good facility management process or of a good timely intervention.

When there is a delay in the timely intervention of a facility management process then its impact is often not connected back to the root cause due to the time lapsed in between or of some other reasons. This lack of connecting the dots proves to bring out a missing link which might bring issues like a waterfall, one after the other. The lack of understanding of the core issue will have all the concerned running after the recent issues rather than the root cause.

Facility Management the Door Way

Facility management acts as a doorway for the facility or property for the better or worse. A well planned and foresighted management plan for the facility will do wonders for the life of the facility and the opposite would be distasteful. This is the doorway moment of the facility management discipline. Good and calculated decisions will lead to a rewarding future and inaction and ill-informed decisions will lead to a difficult and expensive future. The need for a well-informed team to do the management is a paramount need. The subcontracting of the facility management need is one of the most sought out and there are plenty of experts in this field.

Benefits of Well-Planned Facility Management

  • The life span of the property or facility definitely sees an improvement with decisive plans in facility management. The upkeep of the property is attacked with a prudent plan taking into consideration the long-term goals to get an outcome of profitability in the long run.
  • The valuation of the property or facility will increase with good management of the facility as the life span increases and the facility will be in top condition throughout its life. This outlook of the facility will increase its valuation in the market.
  • The cost of running the facility will go down with a good process of managing the facility. There is a misconception in some that the amount spent on the process of the facility management or on the subcontract for the facility management to be wasteful against the actual works done as per the requirements. The point being missed here is of the proactive actions taken to achieve a better result than playing the waiting game for the things to break down.
  • A well-drawn plan for the facility management will provide the owner with a better understanding of the property or facility which enables him/them to make informed decisions for the betterment of the facility. Most often there are some root cause issues that are not addressed due to the lack of understanding but a well-planned process tackles the issues from the root cause itself.
  • The safety and health of the facility and occupants is an integral part considered in the design and building of the facility but hampered if ignored, in any way, at the facility management process. One of the substantial benefits of facility management is with the safety, protection, and health benefits for the facility and its occupants.
  • In case of properties or facilities having other occupiers than the owner, the retention of the tenant is going to be vital for the profitability of the facility. The facility management process or companies helps in maintaining the property in its prime shape and thus attract new customers as well as retaining the existing ones.

The Facility is Only as Good as it’s Management

Any facility built, is built with certain goals regarding its life span, its usage, its return on investment, etc. and to get to those goals there are efforts behind it spanning over a long period. To be unwavering from those paths set for achieving the goals is a matter of being well-planned, well-managed, and persistent facility management activities. We have in our midst buildings, structures, infrastructures, etc. of more than 500 years or more old. These monuments and other structures etc. are kept in good shape with the help of good facility management. These facilities teach us not only about the history but also the importance of good facility management processes and the reward of it. The simple works of cleaning the floor, polishing, electrical works, air conditioning works, plumbing, etc. which form part of the facility management activities form a broader backbone of a good management plan and activity. In light of the pandemic, the importance of a clean facility and its benefit to health care plays a crucial role which was often overlooked in the past.