Zero VOC Painting Service for Healthier Homes

Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are unstable chemicals found in most building materials, especially paints. Inhaling VOCs causes several health problems like headaches, nausea, respiratory problems, skin irritation, and central nervous system problems. In this regard, VOCs are used as little as possible in this context. The use of the least vulnerable material in homes where there are children, senior citizens and pets can help in providing a healthy environment. Therefore, no VOC paint is preferred in the home, especially for kids, senior citizens, pets, schools, and hospitals. Paints without VOCs do not contain volatile organic compounds. Having low or no VOC paint has the biggest advantage of having very little odour. In addition to drying quickly, they usually cover well and provide a durable finish.

These products can be used over any textures and surfaces. Also these products are available in various colours. Non-VOC paints are one of the essential choices to keep your home with healthy atmosphere. Our team at Delight International Facilities Management offers No VOC painting services to provide you with the safest possible home environment.

Make your Space Unique with Custom-Made Furniture

The furniture is one of the most important aspects of space planning, functionality, and aesthetics. Custom furniture offers a completely new perspective on space. Custom-made furniture allows us to achieve all the functionality we need while also complimenting the overall aesthetics of the space. This type of furniture is usually crafted from solid wood. Solid wood furniture ensures strength and durability with easy maintenance. In addition to its natural appearance with unique grains and colours, solid wood can be refinished. Solid wood custom-made furniture is expensive in its own way, but offers a lifetime of value.

These pieces add a unique look to any room. It is possible to assure the quality of the products, as well as choose the colors and hardware according to personal taste. Based on the space we have; we can decide what the furniture will do and design it accordingly. Ultimately, your space will have a unique identity when it comes to furniture. With our custom-made furniture, Delight International Facilities Management can help you create a special place in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Carpet Cleaning for Home and Offices

Carpets are widely used for home furnishing in the country. Keeping carpets clean can be an uphill battle. The accumulation of dust, fibres and allergens on carpet can lead to respiratory problems and easy carpet deterioration. There are likely to be a lot of spills on the carpet in homes with children, and these can lead to adverse effects later on. Pets in the home can also accumulate hair on the carpet, which can lead to health complications. It is essential to keep your carpets clean and safe to live in, so you can maintain a healthy environment. While vacuum cleaners can remove most residues from carpets, they can also leave a traffic lane appearance. That’s where professional cleaners come in.

The most common carpet cleaning procedure followed by professionals is carpet shampooing. The carpet will be shampooed, scrubbed with a scrubbing machine, and dried without leaving any residue. The service can be done both on-site and off-site. However, off-site cleaning is only available for rugs that can be removed. There is also steam cleaning using a steam machine that is more effective for removing grease and oil particles. Cleaning carpets contribute to a healthier environment. The team at Delight International Facilities Management is very well trained and professional, and we can provide you with hassle-free carpet cleaning services in offices and homes.


Latest aesthetic and functional trends in landscaping you must try in 2022.

Trends and fads in Landscaping have been rapidly evolving and taking a different orientation over the past few years. Though, the preferences of people keep changing from old school styles to the newest trends depending on their taste and comfort. Here are 5 must-try innovations you can bring into your yard to elevate the space aesthetically as well as functionally.

  1. Functional spaces.

Apart from enhancing the beauty of your front and back yard, importance should be given to making the whole space functional. At the end of the day, it is about having a beautiful space to relax without compromising on your privacy and security. Also, care should be given while choosing the right components and materials that work well on your property.

  1. Classic Pergolas.

Pergolas are one of the most unavoidable factors in outdoor landscaping. It becomes the highlighted area of the yard by providing adequate shade and protection from the rain. Furthermore, this space can be utilized for growing wines and hanging plants.

  1. Light up the space.

Natural as well as artificial lights have a major role in setting the mood. Don’t forget to make maximum use of natural lights to save energy. Adding light fixtures and LEDs helps to accentuate architectural structures and create ambience. Lights can be given on sidewalks, patios, under trees, etc. Moreover, it gives good visibility to the area.

  1. Barbeque.

A backyard without a barbeque spot is practically incomplete. It gives the perfect holiday vibe and it can be the ideal space for large family gatherings and picnics where you can cook and enjoy spending time with your loved ones.

  1. Prefer native plants.

It is next to impossible to create an ideal backyard without adding plants and greens. As the weather of the UAE is mostly hot and humid, it is always better to choose plants that can withstand such conditions. This helps to keep the garden constantly green and glorious without wrecking its beauty and your pocket.

Would you consider these ideas for your landscape designs? Or do you already have plans and do not know how to execute them? Get in touch with Delight International Facilities Management and let our expert team do the job for you.

Importance of regular window cleaning and why Rope Access Cleaning is the most effective method?

Would you rather walk straight into a building with dirty windows or a well-maintained building having shiny windows? Obviously, everyone chooses the latter one. Most business owners ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of their business premises by assigning regular maintenance contracts. But one of the factors that are often overlooked is regular window cleaning.

Window cleaning improves the aesthetic impression of the building as well as removes dirt, dust, debris, droppings, spider webs, etc. that accumulated over time. Also, it allows more natural light to the building and enhances the longevity of the materials. Furthermore, having a clean and healthy environment attracts more clients and provides a comfortable working environment for the employees.

High office blocks, skyscrapers, hospitals, historic buildings, museums, schools, etc. make use of rope access methods to clean building exterior and high windows. Moreover, the hot and arid weather in the UAE makes the building appear dustier in summer as well as winter. It is difficult to clean the windows properly. The Rope Access method is considered the most effective method of cleaning heights and awkward positions.

How does it work?

Rope Access Cleaning can be performed only by trained and skilled personnel. It requires a minimal work setup for getting the work done effectively. Also, it is comparatively cheaper and less time consuming than setting up a scaffold. This method can be performed even during the least favourable weather. Nevertheless, the work begins only after ensuring all the necessary rescue plans and setups are acquired.

Benefits of Rope Access Cleaning in Abu Dhabi and Dubai .

  • Rope access cleaning provides a higher level of accessibility to tall buildings compared to traditional methods.
  • All the tasks are done by certified experts. Hence safety is assured.
  • The task done by the Rope access method is less time consuming and effective than any other method.
  • It doesn’t disrupt the working environment of the building.
  • Rope access setup can be assembled, disassembled and moved around the same building for work easily and effectively.

Delight International Facilities Management provides reliable and timely Rope Access Cleaning services all across UAE. Need more information about our services? Send us a direct query and we will get in touch with you soon!


Whether it’s your own home or property you are letting to tenants, home maintenance packages help you save a fortune, experts say.

Emergencies and repairs are never pleasant. They come in all shapes and sizes. They consume our energy, test our patience, and empty the wallet by the time they get fixed. Let alone the endless waiting for repairmen to arrive.

Every home requires a tailored home maintenance package to keep them in great condition and to not let the value decline. Regular home maintenance ensures the efficiency of your assets as well as extends their longevity.

A Home maintenance package offers 24/7 unlimited emergency call outs and support, Scheduled preventive maintenance, Reactive maintenance, Basic general maintenance, etc.

Benefits of Home Maintenance Package in Abu Dhabi and Dubai .

  • The cost of maintenance is cheaper than emergency repairs.
  • Preventive maintenance keeps assets in great condition and identifies potential damages.
  • The chances of equipment undergoing unexpected failure are reduced.
  • Increased longevity of assets and thereby reduces the chances of replacement of equipment.
  • Routine checkups keep the entire system in great condition.
  • Availability of highly skilled and experienced repairmen.
  • Unlimited emergency call outs and support.
  • Pay only for the spare parts and materials consumed.
  • Timely service reports.

Delight International Facilities Management offers exceptional Home Maintenance Packages all across UAE. Our packages are customizable and suit all types of properties and budgets. Get in touch with us and book your slot now!

Why should you consider Delight International Facilities Management for a Property Inspection before moving in?

Who made the damages and who should pay??

Avoid these tedious and detrimental blame games while moving out through Property Inspection.

What could be more exciting and fulfilling than moving into a new home and setting up a comfy environment to live in according to your plans? It’s a package of joy, newness, and responsibility. However, this experience can be short-lived if you are not careful while taking over.

Untrained eyes usually get fascinated by the staged, near-perfect setup of the space and overlook the importance of getting into the details that need to be inspected closely. It is always important to know the actual condition of the entire property to reduce the number of surprises that pop up in the future as well as to not put the inhabitants’ lives at stake.

Moreover, failing to produce enough proof for new or pre-existing damages while moving out makes the process ridiculously demanding. Delight International Facilities Management offers a well-oriented Property Inspection by a team of expert and experienced professionals. It saves you from unnecessary troubles and money loss in the future.

Why should you consider Delight International Facilities Management for a Property Inspection before moving in?

Hiring Delight International Facilities Management for a property inspection before moving in is a great idea even on a newly constructed home, let alone older ones. A newly constructed / visually pleasing home is expected to be perfect and adequate, right? Not always!! Just because it is newly built or well maintained doesn’t necessarily mean it is perfect. The plumbing could have hazardous issues, electrical fixtures and wires might not be working properly, carelessly installed cupboards, drainage issues, and so forth.

The chances of having trouble with settling the depository amount are somewhat predictable while moving out. Delight International Facilities Management documents the entire procedure and develops a detailed report of the inspection. Also, we secure high-quality photo and video proofs before moving in to avoid these complications.

What do our Property Inspectors do?

Property inspections are carried out by our team of skilled professionals. They inspect the entire property and identify latent and patent defects based on the checklist prepared before the inspection to not miss any aspects.

Patent defects such as peeling paints, broken windows, broken toilet seat covers, mould, signs of water damage, etc. could be identified easily. But the issues that are hidden from plain sight such as leaking roofs, electrical wiring and plumbing issues, cracked foundation, improper installation of structural elements and electrical fixtures, etc. can be identified only by a professional inspector.

The entire HVAC system of the home, internal plumbing, electrical systems, structural components, attics, floors, roofs, ceilings, walls, basements, garage, foundations, etc. would be thoroughly inspected during the home inspection.

After the inspection is carried out, our team will give a detailed report of the survey including photographs and videos as proof. This report will help the tenant to get the repairs done before moving in. At the end of tenancy, this report is beneficial for both the tenant and the owner to avoid inconveniences regarding damages and defects and in settling the depositary amount.

Also, at the end of the tenancy, if the landlord asks the tenant to be liable for the damages made, the tenant can either get the repairs done or the landlord can make the deduction from the depositary amount. If there are concerns regarding the liability of the damages made, the inspection report would prevail as a solid confirmation of the condition of the property

When to conduct a Property Inspection?

It is preferable for the owner and the tenant to carry out property inspections at the beginning of a tenancy, and the end of a tenancy.

  • To have better clarity about the condition of the property, it is highly recommended to inspect at the beginning of a tenancy. Also, prevention of damages from happening is better than fixing them and it saves a lot of money. So conducting inspections helps to identify potential damages and keep the property in great disposition.
  • When the tenancy period ends, having an inspection report helps to settle any subsequent dispute that could occur regarding the pre-existing damage as well as damage caused during the tenancy.

Keeping these factors in mind about Property Inspection will help you make your move-in easy and hassle-free. Delight International Facilities Management offers the most credible Property Inspection Services to our customers. And our services are available all across the UAE.

Benefits of adding greens into your interior space and ways to integrate and maintain vertical gardens in your limited interior area.

Bringing plants and greens to the interior of the home is synonymous with living close to nature in many ways. Plants help to enhance the overall aesthetics of the space as well as they certainly can boost the positivity of the inhabitants. Recent studies show interior plants and vegetation helps to control temperature and improve air filtration up to an extent.

However, due to limited space and a lack of understanding about the maintenance of plants, people tend to restrain the idea of developing gardens. But if you want to bring some greenery into your congested living/ working space, but can’t afford a traditional garden, the concept of vertical gardening comes to the rescue.

Vertical gardens, also known as living walls, are now easier than ever to create with modular planting systems that require limited space and minimal assembly. It helps to add a splash of color to your interior space by turning a wall or an area of the wall into a vertical garden.

Vertical gardens can be created by assembling easily maintainable vibrant plants in various patterns. Different types of houseplants such as Syngonium, rhoeo plant, spider plant, pothos, ferns, etc. work well in a vertical space. And it is always better to choose plants with similar requirements to make maintenance easier. Also, the medium for growing plants should be light. This is to avoid sagging and falling off of the setup in the future when the vegetation reaches its maximum growth.

Apart from their aesthetic purposes, vertical gardens are used as partitions, statement walls, etc. From low budget to high-end vertical gardens are available in the market these days.

Delight International Facilities Management is based in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Offer Gardening & Landscaping services for commercial and residential. Get A Free Quotation: 800 3436 


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    Everything you need to know about mattress cleaning and the importance of incorporating mattress cleaning into your regular cleaning checklist.

    How often do you give your mattresses a thorough cleaning?
    Do you know a dirty mattress can affect your sleep and thus your health?
    (Mattress Cleaning in Abu Dhabi and Dubai) 

    An average person spends about a third of their life sleeping! That means, we spend the majority of our time sleeping in full contact with the mattress. The pristiness and coziness of the bedding might mislead you to think that your mattress is considerably perfect and doesn’t require any cleaning.

    Nevertheless, your bedding could turn into a shrine for dirt, dust mites, body fluids, dead skin cells, sweat, blood, etc. if left unnoticed. No matter how regularly you change your bedsheets or use anti-dust pads, your mattress still hides millions of dust mites and microorganisms.

    It is highly recommended to deep clean your  professionally every 6-12 months to not put your health at stake and to extend the lifespan of your mattress. When you bestow mattress cleaning service to a professional cleaning agency they help you to clean your mattresses efficiently through different procedures such as vacuuming, stain removal, dust mite treatment, odour removal, disinfection, etc.

    These treatments help to rejuvenate your upholstery effectively in no time. Also, the entire procedure is done by a crew of skilful employees using high-functioning and powerful machines to ensure complete cleanliness.

    A clean and comfortable mattress helps to improve your sleep drastically and thus leads to improved health and promotes your productivity considerably.

    Get in touch with Delight International Facilities Management (Abu Dhabi and Dubai) and book your slot for Mattress Cleaning !


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      The reasons why you should switch from your conventional thermostat to Nest Thermostat and everything you need to know about its usage and benefits.

      A conventional thermostat is a wall-mounted box that is used to manage the temperature of the heater or cooler of your home. It rarely gets your attention except for occasional button pressings and changes. But it is high time you switch to smart thermostats.

      One of the greatest benefits of installing Nest thermostat, which is the best smart thermostat available, is the convenience it offers. It allows you to control the temperature in your home/office remotely.  Also, it helps to save a lot of money by saving energy.

      People refuse the idea of switching from age-old conventional thermostats to smart thermostats thinking it is expensive and requires a lot of programming. But, what a Nest thermostat offers is contrary to those myths.

      It can be easily programmed to your desired temperature and conditions. And you don’t have to remember to turn off your thermostat every time you step out of your home. Or if you plan to come home early and want to warm/ cool your home before you arrive, you can simply log in to the thermostat app and adjust the cooling schedule likewise.

      It learns the temperature you like and programs itself. Automatically turns itself down when you are away. Control from anywhere with the app or using your voice. Easy to install- designed to work without a common wire.

      Nest thermostat installation in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

      To save money, the environment, and for your convenience, the Nest thermostat is a great choice to adapt. Get in touch with Delight International Facilities Management and get your Nest thermostat installed now!!


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