Reasons Why your AC is not blowing cold Air

Reasons Why your AC is not blowing cold Air and common mistakes to avoid.

Beating the heat during summer without an air conditioner is next to impossible. The last thing you want to have is a malfunctioning air conditioner. The reasons for this condition might be trivial and could be fixed easily if proper attention is paid. Here are 7 common reasons for your AC not working properly and ways to troubleshoot the issues.

1. Undersized Air conditioner.

One of the most common reasons why your AC isn’t blowing cool air or not cooling the room enough is its undersize. It is very important to choose an AC which can cool the desired room or area. So, while choosing an air conditioner, one must focus on the size and capacity of the AC rather than the budget.

2. Annual cleaning.

The agony of a broken air conditioner or other related issues can be prevented and kept at bay when the system is given regular services. A thorough annual or periodical analysis helps to identify any kind of troubleshoot before it becomes a bigger concern. Also, regular services help to increase the life of the system.

3. Maintenance contract. 

AC Service companies provide maintenance contracts for customers. They clean the system, refill gas, check for other probable troubles that may occur in the future, and fix them. These services are mainly done before summer for passing the season without any trouble. Also, these services can be availed from the service provider if any sudden shutdown occurs.

4. Unclean Air filters.

Another major reason for your AC not working properly is a dirty air filter. As time goes, the air filter gets accumulated with dust and dirt. The clogged dirt particles hinder the easy flow of cool air from the unit.

It is recommended to check and clean air filters every 4 months for your AC to work properly.

5. Dirty condenser.

A condenser is an outdoor unit of the air conditioner. Like an air filter, a condenser also tends to accumulate dirt and debris. When the amount of debris increases on a condenser, it affects the proper working of the AC. This dirt should be cleaned carefully and properly. Hiring a professional AC maintenance company can help to service the unit.

6. Electrical issues.

Electrical issues such as a failed sensor, a defective thermostat, short circuit, etc. can affect the proper working of the air conditioner. In such cases, air conditioners should be turned off immediately and get it fixed by professionals.

7. Refrigerant leak.

Refrigerant is the cooling agent used in air conditioners that cools down the air by absorbing heat when it is passed through the compressor and evaporator. When the refrigerant leaks during the process it affects the working of the AC.

The leakage of refrigerant can be identified by,

  • Presence of frosty buildup in the air conditioner.
  • Continuous hissing sound from the AC unit when it is turned on.
  • It takes more time than usual to cool your room.

It is recommended to immediately seek professional help if a leak is suspected. Delight International Facilities Management offers well capable and skilled technicians at your doorsteps on time for maintenance and repair services all across UAE. Further, we offer maintenance contracts for villas and apartments throughout the year. Schedule your air conditioner service now!


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