Latest aesthetic and functional trends in landscaping you must try in 2022.

Trends and fads in Landscaping have been rapidly evolving and taking a different orientation over the past few years. Though, the preferences of people keep changing from old school styles to the newest trends depending on their taste and comfort. Here are 5 must-try innovations you can bring into your yard to elevate the space aesthetically as well as functionally.

  1. Functional spaces.

Apart from enhancing the beauty of your front and back yard, importance should be given to making the whole space functional. At the end of the day, it is about having a beautiful space to relax without compromising on your privacy and security. Also, care should be given while choosing the right components and materials that work well on your property.

  1. Classic Pergolas.

Pergolas are one of the most unavoidable factors in outdoor landscaping. It becomes the highlighted area of the yard by providing adequate shade and protection from the rain. Furthermore, this space can be utilized for growing wines and hanging plants.

  1. Light up the space.

Natural as well as artificial lights have a major role in setting the mood. Don’t forget to make maximum use of natural lights to save energy. Adding light fixtures and LEDs helps to accentuate architectural structures and create ambience. Lights can be given on sidewalks, patios, under trees, etc. Moreover, it gives good visibility to the area.

  1. Barbeque.

A backyard without a barbeque spot is practically incomplete. It gives the perfect holiday vibe and it can be the ideal space for large family gatherings and picnics where you can cook and enjoy spending time with your loved ones.

  1. Prefer native plants.

It is next to impossible to create an ideal backyard without adding plants and greens. As the weather of the UAE is mostly hot and humid, it is always better to choose plants that can withstand such conditions. This helps to keep the garden constantly green and glorious without wrecking its beauty and your pocket.

Would you consider these ideas for your landscape designs? Or do you already have plans and do not know how to execute them? Get in touch with Delight International Facilities Management and let our expert team do the job for you.